Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Daily Apples....

Hi all...

Just wanted to blog and say how much, like others before me, I enjoyed seeing all the digital stories last night. It was a bit like "raiding the apple barrel"! I got to take a small bite out of each, or rather I got a small glimpse into the hearts and minds of each of my cohorts.

I was touched, moved, excited, scared, entranced, enthralled, enjoyed, and all that jazz that all of us felt as a collective whole seeing each others stories. I felt like I got to know many of you better seeing them and have a whole new understanding and appreciation for each of you. I feel a lot closer to the group now. So, thanks for sharing! There wasn't one I didn't enjoy watching...they were all so unique and insightful into each of you. Believe me, some of you really took aim and hit the mark!

Let me see if I can recall each apple in the barrel: Stacy with her Inauguration adventure, Susan with her account of her mother, imagery of gardens and peaceful places and how her mother impacted her growth and the growth of her children (loved the picture of the sky and the tree), Lillian and her steps on her life's journey (Wow! powerful imagery), Penny and her son's yearning for his father's return to sword fight (sooooon! pretty red dress, Penny!), Becca's beautiful account of her great grandmother, the farm, and her beautiful singing in the background (want my CD!), Patience and her poignant account of her two brothers - how brave and inspiring (brothers are great!), Maryann and her puppy love of Sam's little life (aahh, to be a puppy and nap), Tracy and her wonderful and inspirational family (they're keepers :-), Toni and her journey through life's passages inspired by Kenny her brother and her husband (Toni, you rock!), Chrisann's passages from Arkansas to DHS to marriage and carriage (soon! - loved the music!), Aisha's witty and lovely homage to Pakistan (food - yummm), Glenn and his elementary school and his powder puff girl! (you will teach the world, Glen!), Jenifer's inspiring connections to her "home by the sea" and beautiful grandmother! (you ARE a DIVA), Rachel and her wonderful story of her grandfather (cute baby photos and I can't believe he never missed a birthday! :-), Wendy's fabulous sports montage of her kids and their narration (how many photos? It was truly awesome - your kids will always have that), Melissa's jazzy and clever African dream vacation (great idea for the classroom! Great idea!), and I seemed to have missed Nicole's and Amy's (how did that happen? ). I am missing someone....oh, yes, me!
See! I have a memory like an elephant :) Even when I forget!

I can definitely see how to make some interesting activities and lessons using the digital stories now, after seeing all of yours! But, I'm really glad that Amie let us do anything we wanted to get used to the process of making them. I will try and list some ideas for teaching digital stories on the Wiki this week.

BTW - I think Amie Rocks! What a great teacher!

So, the digital story was really a highlight assignment of this semester...I wish we could make another...maybe we will for the Social Studies tech class next Fall.

See you in the Apple Barrel!



  1. OMG Jill! You took the words out of my mouth as I have been thinking of everyone's digital stories all day! Yours was delighful as well and I keep singing that Peter Gabriel song. What an experience! Thanks for a great post. Wendy

  2. I agree with you and Wendy, the class was an experience! I can't believe you recalled 98% of the digital stories, well done Jill. As for mine, it was about the solar system. The digital stories gave an opportunity to provide an inside look at each person which was the most beneficial and rewarding portion of the class by far. I'm going to miss the class a little but I'll like being able to go home by 7:10 on Mondays now. Its give and take you know? :)

  3. Jill,

    It was very thoughtful of you to take the time to write down what you remember from everyone's digital stories. Although I have not written them down, I too have been thinking of other people's digital stories as I cook, clean, or drive. Your analogy of 'raiding the apple barrel' is well put. I feel the same after seeing so many possibilities for this type of technology. What a great way for people to share about what they love!

  4. Jill, awesome recap and I love the apple barrel picture. I felt like the digital stories were a mini adult show and tell. Very cool. I love how our cohort continues to grow academically and also in our knowledge of each other. I am hopeful that these ties will continue as we make our way into the classroom!

  5. Wow, elephant lady. Great memory. How I long to have the experiences that you do. I have lived in VA my entire life. Thank you for sharing your story. Annie is lucky to have such a wonderful mom.

  6. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Sunday, my fellows horts.

    Great recap, Jill. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's digital stories as well. It seemed that I laughed, cried, and thought with each one, and I, too, am thankful for taking this class and am sorry it has to end.

    Isn't it funny how so many of us are talking as if this is the end of the program in a way (I hope we can continue to post blogs...I wish we could make another...maybe for our Social Studies tech class...I hope to be touch with each of you as we start our new careers as teachers, particularly the 1st year which may be difficult...our last class will be like yearbook day, etc - evidence that Amie has enjoyed the class as well, which she has stated I know). I think it's a sign that we've all enjoyed this class immensely, mostly due to what we've shared with each othter regarding our personal lives, our individual thoughts on blogs, wikis, etc, thanks to Amie. In short, it has certainly enhanced our already tightening friendships with each other and we simply don't want it to end and already miss it. Hence, such comments.

    Anyway, I, too, hope that we all stay in touch given that, in my mind, all of you make up my first teaching family and I like to think I can turn to any of you for inspiration and/or support as I begin teaching.

    First thing's first, though...just a few more semesters. :)

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